Goth Girl - New Single by VENUS GRRRLS


VENUS GRRRLS are a name you might not know well, but you will. The all-female band from Leeds are back with a brand new explosive single ‘Goth Girl’. The group see it as a step into the outlandish stereotypes associated with goth culture and witchcraft, and this single dives deep into that lyrically, and is complimented by the harmony. The band released their debut EP last April after a string of singles, which featured ‘You’re Alright I Guess’ and my personal favourite, ‘No Signs’, but Goth Girl seems like a show of serious intent to the industry and to their listeners.

This new song features some serious fuzz, complimented by the occasional synth line, underscored by driving drums and heavy bass movements. This is all rounded off by the catchy and impressive vocal from lead singer, Grace 'GK' Kelly. The production seems to be less indie than previous songs and feature higher production value in respect to mixing and timbre/arrangement, which is evident with the introduction of the synth part in the middle eight. To me, this feels less post- punk orientated, which I would say their previous music leans towards, and more of a step into goth rock itself. Influences such as Paramore and artists similar are observable, but the track features synths that could feature in pop music such as a track by Pale Waves. This is why I believe it will be their most successful single yet - it accommodates a diverse range of genres!

I would’ve liked to see more action on the guitar, the song screams for a guitar solo! Maybe we could see an extended edition of the tune, showcasing the talents of guitarist Jess Ayres? Who knows, all I know is that this is a great song, you should definitely listen to it, share it and save it on Spotify or your streaming platform, because small up-and-coming artists like VENUS GRRRLS need your support in these hard times, otherwise we can’t enjoy their great songs!

Goth Girl is out on streaming platforms on the 22/01/21 !

Written by Tom Corscadden 

Photo by Camille Hewitt