Plastic Daisies - EP 'Yours Truly'

Plastic 1

On January 8th 2021, The Plastic Daisies’ first EP ‘Yours Truly’ will hope to clear the cobwebs of what has been a bizarre and torturous 2020, whatever walk of life you are from. Those within the independent music industry have suffered greatly, and ironically, rather silently too. This EP is a beautiful attempt at salvation, and a possible personification of the time we exist in. The lyrics tell sad stories of love and loss, portrayed strongly by the voice of Nick Brien, who at points of the second track Indiana really expresses the pain these lyrics carry for him. This is all accompanied by slow and sombre guitar riffs and basslines, especially on Red, for me an incredible highlight of the EP that I cannot wait to be able to see on stage. All in all, this EP encapsulates the tone of life as we know it right now, but also provides hope that maybe it will all get better soon? If the exponential increase in following this band is having is anything to go by, all we must do is wait and see.

Historically, first extended releases always speak volumes of an artist. It is common courtesy when referring to the modern giants to question whether “you were there” when the first needle hit their wax. For me, this could be one of those moments for the Plastic Daisies. The Manchester boys have really hit something special here, and I’m sure we are all eager in anticipation of what’s next to come.

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Written by Chris Straw

Art by Andia Chan