Anna Straker


What was your journey into the music industry like? I was always the annoying little kid who wanted to be centre of attention all the time, singing live in my school assemblies and uploading covers to YouTube etc. A big producer, Mike Spencer, saw my cover of ‘Heaven’ by Emile Sande and reached out. We started working together and so I dropped out of my A-levels and left Lincoln to pursue my career in music in London. I’m still amazed at how brave I was to make such a big decision at that age.

What sort of experiences have influenced your songwriting in the past? My latest EP ‘Growing Pains’ really drew from a traumatic experience that happened to me last year on holiday. I was spiked and sexually assaulted and was diagnosed with PTSD when I came home. I wrote about my healing process, my anger at the patriarchal world we live in and positive thinking.

Photo by Rio Carciero

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