Charly Afia


Why did you decide to get into acting? I was always very theatrical as a child and spent most of my Saturdays every week at various theatre/dance classes or performing. If you saw me at school you’d have no idea as I was always very introverted there but I felt like when I was acting, I could completely be myself. So I guess it was a desire to be the true version of myself that I’d so often hide from the world.

When did you realise it was what you wanted to do? I’d say when I was about 15 I had a moment of realisation. I was doing my GCSE’s and although I’ve always been a hard worker, I wasn’t feeling very enthusiastic about anything. That is except for watching the behind the scenes on DVD extras. I’d always loved performing on stage but when I dived into it, researching the writers, the casting process and seeing the technicalities on set, I fell in love with the whole process and knew it was my goal.

Photo by Kim Hardy

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