Oliver Henry


Where did you grow up and how did your upbringing influence your music taste?
I grew up in Walthamstow in east London, as far as my upbringing is concerned, it contained a lot of different genres, as I think is the case for a lot of people. My mum and dad loved a lot of music, my mum dances so used to play me pop and salsa, with 80’s and 90’s. My dad grew up with bikers, so I used to listen to rock and psychedelic stuff from him. Both of them like classical actually. I think that has influenced my taste as I try to listen to as much as possible. There’s not much I can’t listen to and not a lot I can listen to and not appreciate.

What would you say is the genre that shaped the way you make music today? The main genre I’m focused on is hip-hop, modern hip-hop kind of UK drill and rap music and although I had that influence from my parents, going to school in east London around the time I was growing up there was a lot of gang music, a big thing was different figures from different gangs putting freestyles up. That was in secondary school which was a big influence on my life.

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